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Joanne MallonJoanne Mallon an author, podcaster is the UK’s most experienced life and career coach specialising in working with people in media and creative industries.

Joanne trained as a professional coach in 2001, after having worked as a TV producer for 10 years for shows including GMTV and This Morning. 

Joanne regularly features in the media and is known for her friendly, practical and down to earth approach. She’s been in The Guardian, The Independent, Daily Telegraph, London Evening Standard, LBC Radio, BBC Radio and many others. Joanne Mallon with Find Your Why book

Joanne is also an experienced journalist who has written for a wide range of publications and websites. Her popular blog Opposable Thumbs has been running for over ten years and her most recent book, How to Find Joy in 5 Minutes a Day, was published in January 2022. Previous books include  Find Your Why, a guide to finding your purpose in life, and Change Your Life in 5 Minutes a Day. Her next book, on how to be calm, is due to be published in October 2023.

Joanne currently produces and hosts the podcast 5 Minutes to Change Your Life, one of the UK’s top 5 self improvement podcasts.

An Accredited Life Coach and NLP Practitioner, Joanne has a degree in English and Communications and a Post Graduate Diploma in Broadcast Journalism.

Joanne is originally from Northern Ireland and currently lives in Brighton with her family. She works with coaching clients all around the world via Zoom.

Joanne Mallon

Getting in touch with Joanne Mallon

For media interviews or enquiries about coaching, email joanne@joannemallon.com , say hello on Twitter on Instagram @joannemallon.

For more information about the ‘pay whatever you want’ offer which started during the COVID crisis, click here.

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