All you need to know about hiring a media career coach

Everything you might need to know about what it’s like to work with a specialist media career coach

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Thinking of hiring a media career coach? Here’s how it works, what it costs and how to book

This page is for anyone who’s thinking of hiring media career coach Joanne Mallon. It explains what usually happens during a media coaching session, what you might expect to achieve from the process and what the costs are likely to be.

What is media career coaching and how can it help me?

Coaching focuses on your future, so it’s different from counselling or therapy which examine your past.

Some of Joanne’s previous clients have enjoyed successes including:

  • Changing to a new career entirely – either getting started in media or moving out of it. (Most recently, lots of clients have been keen to leave the TV industry)
  • Restarting your career after a break
  • Raising confidence and self esteem
  • Negotiating better rates of pay
  • Getting better at pitching ideas
  • Getting a book deal
  • Stopping procrastination and becoming better at time management
  • Being featured on TV and in the press
  • Making better use of social media

What will happen when I’m being coached?

Most clients have two Zoom coaching sessions per month. During your coaching session you’ll be asked questions which are designed to stretch you and help you think about your life in new ways. There’ll be homework between sessions, and you’ll end up doing much more than you ever would on your own.

Many people find they can open up more on a remote coaching session than they would in person. It also cuts down on wasted time because you don’t have to travel to a meeting and sessions can be totally at your convenience.

What kind of people do you coach?

Joanne says: “I specialise in coaching people who work in the media and creative industries. Having worked in the media for many years as a journalist and TV producer, I have a particular understanding of the challenges people in the media face. Former clients include freelance and staff journalists, PR professionals, digital media pros, high profile individuals, BBC staff, TV presenters and producers, broadcasters and writers.

“Generally, my clients are people who have had a successful career so far, but feel that there is something missing in their lives. On the surface they may seem to have it all, but in their hearts they know that there are things about their life they want to change. They are ready to move to the next level in their life and career.”

How much does career coaching cost?

Fees for coaching are an investment in yourself and your future. They are generally less than you’d pay for a dress you may never wear or a night out you might not enjoy. Even if you only have a few coaching sessions, you will appreciate their value for years to come.

Coaching sessions take place via Zoom.

All sessions include a personalised initial assessment and goal setting plan, unlimited support via email between sessions and help with your CV and LinkedIn profile.

  • Single coaching session (45 to 60 minutes) – £135 – most useful if you have a specific issue to focus on, such as an upcoming job interview
  • Three sessions (3 x 45-60 minutes) – £345 – this is the most popular option; coaching sessions are usually spread over 6-8 weeks
  • Six month superboost – £750 – six x 60 minute coaching sessions spread over six months, plus ongoing email support; for people who want more ongoing support or who are looking for a bigger career overhaul

Joanne is also currently offering half hour laser coaching sessions on a pay-whatever-you-want basis. Find out more here.The laser coaching session is a good option if you’re not sure if coaching is for you and want to try it out before booking further sessions.

There is no time limit on how quickly you need to take your coaching sessions and they never expire.

If you’re ready to book in for coaching now, you can do so at the appointments page here.

Alternatively, you can email to ask any further questions you may have, or to arrange your coaching sessions.

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