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Joanne Mallon is an author, podcaster and the UK’s most experienced media career coach.

She trained as a coach in 2001, after a 10 year career as a TV producer for shows including GMTV and This Morning.

Joanne regularly features in the media and is known for her friendly, practical and down to earth approach. She’s been in The Guardian, The Independent, Daily Telegraph, London Evening Standard, LBC Radio, BBC national and local radio and many others. She has also been a featured expert on The Guardian’s live web chat events discussing media careers.

An experienced journalist, Joanne has written for a wide range of magazines and websites.

Joanne writes a popular wellbeing blog Opposable Thumbs and her most recent book, How to Find Joy in 5 Minutes a Day, was published in January 2022. Previous books include Change Your Life in 5 Minutes a Day and Find Your Why (a guide to finding your purpose in life). Her next book, on how to find calm, will be published in October 2023.

Joanne also produces and hosts the podcast, 5 Minutes to Change Your Life, one of the UK’s top 5 self improvement podcasts.

An accredited life coach and NLP Practitioner, Joanne has a BA (Hons) degree in English & Communications and a Post Graduate Diploma in Broadcast Journalism.

Joanne is originally from Belfast and currently lives with her family in Brighton.

Upcoming events

Joanne is speaking about careers in film and TV at the London Film Career Summit on 15th April 23 and the London Actors’ Career Summit on 20th May ’23. Come along!

Joanne Mallon

Getting in touch with Joanne Mallon

For media interviews or enquiries about coaching, feel free to email joanne@joannemallon.com, or say hello on Twitter or Instagram @joannemallon

You can also book coaching sessions directly online here

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