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Find Your Why featured in Psychologies Magazine – October 2021

The new health trends of 2021 – Daily Telegraph

How to be proactive when you’re stuck at home – Huffington Post

What’s behind the rise in ‘driver anxiety’ – and how can you overcome it?  – Daily Telegraph

Find Your Why featured in Sainsburys Magazine and Natural Health Magazine, August 2021

Interview on Just Women radio show, Brooklands Radio

Ways to live a happier life in just 5 minutes – The Boutique Handbook

How to overcome anxiety about driving – Good Housekeeping and Happiful

Change Your Life in 5 Minutes a Day reviewed in Waitrose Weekend

Change Your Life in 5 Minutes a Day Waitrose Weekend review

Past press coverage

“Taking the time out to focus on what I really, really want from a job and life is quite simply invigorating and I’m filled with a huge sense of ‘why on earth not?’….[After just one session with Joanne] my future feels like a blank canvas on which I can paint whatever I choose. I leave with a skip in my step taking in lungfuls of the change that’s suddenly blowing in the wind.”

The Guardian (click here for the full article)

(BTW this session was conducted ‘blind’ in that the journalist was under cover and didn’t reveal that this was for an article for The Guardian until the next day. Ask Joanne if you want to hear the full story – it’s a good ‘un!)


“[My sessions with Joanne taught me that] you can’t expect the landscape to shift overnight, but what’s crucial is to work out how you’d like things to look, and once you know, don’t ever lose sight of that vista.”

The Independent

Featured in Psychologies Magazine’s top 100 most memorable quotes ever


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Joanne Mallon is one of the UK’s most experienced life and career coaches. She has featured in The Guardian, The Independent, Daily Telegraph, Daily Express, The Mirror, Psychologies, Red, London Evening Standard, Mother & Baby, Healthy, Sainsburys magazine and many other publications and websites. She has also appeared on GMTV, Sky News, LBC, BBC radio and various podcasts.

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