“Thanks to Joanne and her career coaching not only do I have one internationally selling book but two more to write for the same publishers” Natalie Trice, author and PR consultant

You can read more about Natalie’s experience of my coaching in this feature in the Daily Telegraph.

“I had five sessions with Joanne, spread out over the period of a year and we covered everything from writing habits, writing objectives, social media, journalism, writing a blog, promotion and the publishing world.

“One of the nicest things was Joanne’s approach. She was encouraging and friendly, and all the while I was working it through with her guidance. That was what was so great about having sessions at intervals. I’d get off the phone, and it would be later that it would all then start to click together.

“Definitely worth the investment if you’ve reached any crossroads, or are just looking to up your game and push yourself that bit further.” Rachael Martin, writer and journalist  



“I just wanted to say Jo that your advice was absolutely worth every penny. After every conversation with you I felt energised, clearer about what I wanted, and how I was going to get there. It was clear you knew our industry and your advice meant a lot, but more than that, your questions and patience really helped me think things through. And although it was occasionally challenging, I loved how I could hear myself speak when I was talking to you and start to also recognise some unhelpful ideas I was holding on to. So your listening was equally powerful. I would definitely recommend your services to anybody in our industry who feels a bit lost as you helped me understand what I really wanted to do, and the steps I needed to take to get there. Fab fab fab!! (And your lovely accent was just a bonus.)” Nicola Skinner, writer


This is what previous clients have said about being coached by Joanne:

From AW, a writer from London
A session with Joanne helped me prepare for a job interview when I had totally lost my confidence. I had been for two interviews without getting job offers and had really let it knock my confidence. Joanne helped me to focus my interview preparation, sort through my skills to prepare some really good answers and she also helped me see things in a much more positive way and stop regarding myself as a failure! The session also gave me the confidence to realise I wasn’t sure I wanted the job, giving me the confidence to realise that I didn’t have to take it if I wasn’t sure it was right for me. I would definitely recommend her.

From SR, Author
“Your sessions were excellent because they helped me to re-focus my writing back to the centre of my life, which then enabled everything else to fall into place. I now have my second book coming out with a major UK publisher next month and am heading off on a 3 month reading tour!”

From Julie Ferry, Freelance Journalist www.julieferry.co.uk“When I decided to undertake career coaching I was at that stage in my career where I felt a bit lost. Several moves in as many years to different cities and countries had left me lacking in contacts and in confidence. Coaching really was a last ditch attempt to work out whether freelancing was what I
really wanted to do.

“Joanne turned out to be the perfect person to get me back on track. Coaching has given me a real boost and has enabled me to focus on set tasks that are attainable, and actually achieve them. This has had a knock on effect of boosting confidence, enabling me to think more positively about work and ultimately attain my goals. Coaching has led to commissions from The Guardian and The Daily Mail as well as renegotiating contracts with established clients.

“One of the most important things that Joanne has done for me is to help me deal with the unpredictability and the highs and lows that dominate the life of a freelancer – instead of taking rejection personally she has enabled me to see it as part of the process and to keep on pushing forward even when you want to give up. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Joanne to anybody who wants to turn an average career into a successful one.

From Maggie Richards, Freelance Journalist www.maggie-media.com
“A session with Joanne helped focus my energy on such an exciting new future. Although a doer, until our conversation I’d been in a tizz feeling I needed to aim somewhere, yet not knowing quite where. Answering Joanne’s questions enabled me to imagine a clearer – and therefore more attainable – goal. She motivated me to take those vital first steps which have got me so far in the past. My ideal life is closer now. Imagine if every hour was so powerful….Thanks Joanne.”

From J W, a writer from Kent –
“When I called Joanne I was stressed out about balancing the needs of my partner and three children aged 6,3 ,and 20 months with my part time career as a magazine writer. There were never enough hours in the day and I was always rushing to meet the next deadline with a to-do list that just didn’t get done.

“Joanne helped me take a step back from my daily muddle to think about what I wanted my life to be like and showed me how making small changes could make it happen. I realised I had been putting up resistance to making changes in my life and transformed my attitude. I began to take control and started ring-fencing blocks of time to work on achieving long term goals. I joined a professional organisation, printed business cards, arranged more child care, sorted out my finances, secured commissions from magazines that paid better and were more prestigious and have recently landed a deal to write my first book (something I don’t think would have happened six months ago).

‘I realised I had to make space in my life for new work opportunities to come and start being more pro-active about moving my career on along the lines I wanted to go. As a result, I’m very busy but not nearly so stressed, I feel like I’m in the driving seat and realise that even doing boring, mundane things can be a small part of achieving a long term goal. Thanks Joanne!”

From D J, a Public Relations Officer from Northamptonshire
“The coaching I received from Joanne proved to be invaluable; the sessions helped me to clarify my thinking and to focus on the important issues. Joanne’s style is supportive and directive, without being judgemental or demanding. I was encouraged to think things through and, with Joanne’s help, reach my own conclusions about the actions I needed to take. For anyone who has unresolved issues that they have trouble dealing with alone, I would certainly recommend Joanne’s coaching – an excellent investment in your well-being!”

From F H, a writer from London
“For half an hour with you on the phone, I felt really important and that someone was listening to what I was saying without any arguments afterwards! I can’t thank you enough for the coaching you gave me. It’s just put my thoughts and energy focused into achieving what I’ve always wanted to do, despite all the drama around me. You’re highly commended with your excellent listening skills and ability to comprehend the issues at hand and give advice without being too pushy.”

From J.R., an editor from London
“Four sessions of life coaching achieved several breakthroughs for me. I set up new learning and training that I had wanted, literally for years, within
two weeks. I ended a relationship that made me uneasy, clearly and firmly a relationship that had half worried me for years. I am making my conversation and approach to life more positive. These are all things I have sort of known I wanted to do and suddenly I was doing them all and doing them calmly and positively.

Joanne, as a life coach, was warm and encouraging while being entirely professional. This enabled me to explore changes I wanted to make, changes that affect my whole way of living, without the conversations or e-mails ever tipping over into therapy or counselling.”

From Annie Ashdown, Life Coach www.annieashdown.com
“Having had many coaching sessions with Joanne Mallon I have found so much clarity and awareness about how I can change the way I am approaching things that are clearly not working for me. I find Joanne so incredibly supportive, encouraging, uplifting and always very practical with her suggestions. I am always very impressed with her incredible listening skills and non judgemental approach. I would highly recommend Joanne, and am full of gratitude to have her as my coach. Thank you Joanne very much.”

From the Press

“Top life coach”

– Woman’s Own

“Joanne was easy to talk to and I found her sessions useful…I definitely needed a push from someone to make the most of my life…My partner can’t believe the new me!”

– Asda Magazine